Landscape Design & Installation

Competing with Nature

For the Calanni family, landscaping hits home. The 30 years of business result from the founder Sam’s passion and expertise in developing landscapes. His dedication and talent was able to attract partnerships, such as Pulte Homes.  At Calanni Landscaping, we try to bring the beauty and design of the inside of a home to the outdoors. See, landscaping is tricky. After all, who wants to compete with the perfection of nature?


Our knowledge of plants and materials allows for an appealing, established look from day one. You will be admiring your landscape for years to come as the natural landscape reveals its secrets through future maturation. First impressions are everything, and there is no better way to enhance the natural beauty of your property. We strive for unique curb appeal through custom landscapes.  You may be interested in a natural and informal experience or a clean, formal garden look inspired by geometric shapes.  The possibilities are limitless for traffic stopping curb appeal.


As an established professional landscaping company in Northeast Ohio, we work carefully with the best local nurseries that have massive selections of premium inventory for evergreen shrubs, flowering plants, ornamental grasses, perennials, natural stone, and much more. With an abundance of materials at our fingertips, we can achieve the perfect mix to keep your landscape stunning all year-round.

A complete outdoor living space incorporates an intricate blend of landscape construction (non-living hardscape structures) and natural landscapes that mature in fluidity over time.