Landscape Renovation & Rejuvenation

Ideas for Renovation &  Rejuvenation

Re-mulching existing beds

Trimming or pruning of plants

Edging existing mulch beds

Removal of shrubs and trees

Complete yard make-over

Landscape Rejuvenation

In nature there is always potential. Given our harsh and long winters in Northeast Ohio, our yards look forward to the welcoming of spring. One of our favorite things to do is bring back the life into landscapes after being buried under inches of snow all winter long. Just like we get our houses ready for the spring season, our yards need the same detailed attention. Too often landscapes do not get the proper maintenance after winter and become permanently damaged to no return. For overgrown landscaping, inner areas of plants and trees are vulnerable because of restriction from proper sun and air exposure.  With a simple cleanup from Calanni Landscaping you can watch your beautiful landscape spring back to life.

Renovation & Complete Makeover

It may be time to give your home a new look.  A landscape makeover can go a long way.