We cannot begin to express to you how proud we are of the beautiful landscaping that adorns our home! Not a day has gone by in which someone has complimented us on the exquisite landscaping that is in the front of our house. Mr. Calanni, you are truly an expert in the landscaping business. We look forward to keeping in touch with you in case we have any concerns or questions.

We are looking forward to the ideas you have for our back yard next year! Once again, thank you so very, very much!!!

Raymond and Tina W.

I am writing with regards to the landscaping job you had done for us. All I can say is “Outstanding”.

The compliments are endless and your design really compliments our style home. We appreciate the time you took in going over our design with us and your work crew is fantastic.

I would recommend your company to anyone who wants to have a professional job done right.

Mr. and Mrs. D.

I am writing this note to serve witness to the quality of the lawn installation. Your hands on supervision and the well-maintained & modern equipment removed the gravel beyond my expectation.

The labor employed was well trained and worked as a team to make sure the job was done efficiently. I learned from a Chem Lawn specialist yesterday evening that Calanni Landscaping had used the finest brand of seed and fertilizer mix (he saw the touch up bag that was given to me). With this I am confident my lawn will seed properly.

Thank you for your effort. If you need a reference to the effectiveness of the soil preparation & planting, please call me at any time. I am very glad Mr. David Hesse of Pulte Homes had recommended your services.

Stephen C.

I can’s say enough good things about Calanni Landscaping. Sam (the owner) offers amazing landscaping at a great price. Not only does he take the time to understand what the homeowner is looking for, he adds his extensive knowledge to design the perfect look. The biggest difference between Calanni Landscaping and other landscapers is the plant quality (they are double in size of any other landscaper on the street.) Sam took the time to take us to his nursery and show us the plants we would be receiving and allowed changes if we preferred other plants. I highly recommend everyone who is looking for landscaping give Calanni Landscaping a call and see the difference between them and other landscapers.

Rob Barto